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This is the exciting part where we get to meet and talk all things bridal. Please feel free to bring along mum and any of your bridesmaids to help us with the preview.

I recommend your preview to take place around 2-4 months before the wedding day. Previews take place at my home based salons in Sawbridgeworth. 

We will begin with a thorough consultation to discuss all your ideas. At this stage, as much information as you can give me, including your dress, makeup, accessories etc is helpful to build a picture of your theme and how you want to look. Lots of inspiration photos , Pinterest or instagram images of hairstyles are all helpful at this stage so we can work together to create your ideal look.

I allow up to 2 hours which means several different styles can be created, if you are having a veil or any accessories please bring these with you so we can incorporate them into your style ideas.

Working with clean hair or hair washed the day before is ideal, and i recommend to try wear a white top or something similar in colour to your wedding dress. This will help you visualize your over all look.

once your desired look has been chosen, pictures are taken and can be sent to you for reference.

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