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Perfect Wedding day Hair

Pre wedding Treatments and regular hair cuts!

At least one year before the wedding it recommended to start growing your hair, the more hair the more options of hairstyles you have!

But keeping it In a healthy condition is a must, them split ends won’t look good with any style you opt for.

K18 and Olaplex treatments will help repair hair from the inside out Aswell as regular trims every 8-10 weeks.

Definitely Have a trial 8 weeks before the wedding

Although it can feel like an extra cost having a trial, it will be worth every penny!

You wouldn’t try your wedding dress on for the first time the Morning of your wedding so why do the same with your HAIR?

It gives you a chance to get comfortable with your stylist and for them to get to know you and your hair, so there is no surprises on the morning of the wedding for either of you.

It a great time to decided what accessorises you want to use, where you want your veil or if you even want a veil?

And some styles may even need some extra hair or padding incorporated to get your desired look, which can then be organised.

Make sure to take lots of inspiration pictures with you so out can work with your stylist to create the exact look you want

Tip: book hair and makeup trial the day of your dress fitting to see how it all works together

Create a rough timetable for the morning of the wedding

Creating a time table will help your morning prep run smoothly and your feel so much more organised, although with this being said don’t stress over the bridal party appointment times too much, meaning who ever of bridal party is ready at the time can jump in the hot seat.

Be sure to allow set up times and enough time for finishing touches and of course some photos.

Wash hair night before the wedding

Washing hair night before wedding gives hair time to settle meaning it not to soft and flyaway, hair is more pliable a day after washing making it so much more manageable.

It also great time saver as the morning will be very busy last thing you’re want to be doing is washing drying your hair, your want to be enjoying time with your bridesmaids getting excited.

No doubt your hairstylist will add lots of products magic dust, texture spray, hairspray and even dry shampoo so that freshly washed hair would be bit pointless.

Don’t try and style your hair yourself, frizz or no frizz let the experts do there job, running straightener over it could affect your curls or the style you want making it harder work to get your desired look.

Relax and let the professional do their job!

Now it time to Just enjoy every bit of your wedding prep. Get the Mimosa flowing, music playing, and relax! Trust all your suppliers to do there job while you enjoy getting pampered!

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